Saturday, January 17, 2009

Welcome to Michael's cooking!

My husband has been doing all of our cooking for several years now.  He is great at cooking healthy, tasty meals that fill you up and keep you satisfied, while being reasonably low on calories. Yes, we are fighting that ongoing battle.  Michael's meals smell so good and look so appealing, that I said what a shame others can't enjoy this.  So we have decided to share via this blog.  So, please join us and enjoy!

The calorie count we strive for is about 250 calories for breakfast, 450 calories for lunch, and 450 calories for dinner.  We sometimes have a mid afternoon snack (favorite snacks are apple with cheese, or popcorn, or a fruit smoothie).  We don't eat sugars and sweets but do enjoy a glass of milk and 1 square of dark chocolate in the evening (really keeps those cravings at bay).  Our goal is about 1600 calories a day, since we are trying to lose a few pounds.


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